Various player roles can be assigned and each role can be used with one or more player duties. Understanding Roles In Football Manager (And Real Life) (Part 1) Published by v_maedhros on May 16, 2018. Defend duty – decrease pressing intensity, Hold Position, Dribble Less, Shoot Less Often; Player Traits. The player duties, in order from higher risk to lower risk, are:. Help buy and train the right players with this key attribute list for Football Manager 2019 Mobile. Attack exapmple: my 2 striker roles by default is advanced forward and target man. These FM19 Mobile attributes will help find your perfect player in the transfer market and help you decide which attributes to train. One of the toughest parts in playing Football Manager (FM) is understanding the roles of the players and how they work in-game. The problem is that If my poacher is on the field, and I swap in a striker that uses the default/AF role, he will be a poacher and not a AF. But I have a striker that only likes to be a poacher and another one that only likes to be a pressing forward. Player Instructions. The second stage of creating your tactic is to choose player roles and duties that enable you to balance your playing system and implement your tactical style, while also being suitable for your players.. An analysis of choosing roles and duties is provided below that should enable you to create a suitable and balanced playing system for your tactical style. Hello, I got a few players who I use personalized roles for. Looking for that perfect, new addition that makes your squad a title-challenger? Image to the left is a bad example of using duties, it will create large gaps between each area of the field; the defenders all stay back, the midfielders are isolated with the forwards all staying up front, while image to the right is a much better example of how to use duties, with different areas of the team dropping off and pushing forward, creating different angles of attack. Player roles and duties act as tactical instruction templates for your players by automatically giving them player instructions.