More About Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' Attractive silver-blue needles with a golden overcast; Gold colour is … Jesienią i zimą od strony słonecznej jaśniejsze. Slow-growing, the striking tree can be conical or somewhat irregular. All Plants :: All Discontinued :: All Abies.

Genus: Abies. Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' online bestellen Sorgfältig angebaut Direkt vom Baumzüchter Fachkundige Beratung Mehr als 9000 Pflanzenarten Abies pinsapo (Spanish Fir) is an evergreen conifer of narrow habit in youth, becoming broad pyramidal with age. $65.00. Golden Spanish Fir - Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' LIMITED TIME SALE PRICE!!

Abies Abies. Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' "Golden Spanish Fir" A stunning slow growing fir which may take a while to form a leader. Young needles yellowish, red cones. The male and female cones appear on the same tree, these are initially pale green or purple and ripen to brown.

Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' Other names. Variety or Cultivar 'Aurea' _ 'Aurea' is a slow-growing, conical, later irregular, evergreen, coniferous tree with radially-arranged, stiff, grey-blue leaves, golden yellow when young. Drzewo wolno rosnące o pokroju stożkowym, nieregularnym. Genus Abies are evergreen conifers, often very tall, with whorled branches bearing flattened, linear leaves, often whitish beneath, and on the upper branches, large cones which break up whilst attached to the tree Details 'Aurea' is a medium-sized coniferous shrub, or small tree, reaching a maximum height of 8m. Botanical name. Back to Previous Page. Garden Size: 25’H x 15’W Large: 15+″/year Broad Upright Zone 7 Yellow Conifer Full Sun…

Common names.

Rusticité d'Abies pinsapo aurea-18°C. Dorůstá výšky 0,4m, španělská stříbrná jedlička se zlatým nádechem. Abies pinsapo Aurea Abies pinsapo Aurea - Jedle španělská. Boissier 1838. Here is a perfectly pyramidal and symmetrical tree that has the stiff-needled branches of the species, but the new growth color is … $55.00. Golden Spanish fir, Spanish fir 'Aurea' Genus.

A favourite plant in our display garden. More About Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' Attractive silver-blue needles with a golden overcast; Gold colour is more pronounced in the new growth; Abies pinsapo ‚Aurea‘ – Jedle španělská ... (Abies pinsapo) nejlépe prosperuje v půdách s dobře propustnou mírně kyselou půdou, která má však dobrou retenci vody k tomu, aby u rostliny nedocházelo k přísušku.
Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' (Golden Spanish fir) will reach a height of 8m and a spread of 4m after 20-50 years.

Starší jehlice mají nazelenalou barvu. Aurea je pomalu rostoucí, často více rozvětvený kultivar, který byl vyšlechtěn již v roce 1868 ve Francii.

Type: Needled evergreen ... Genus name is an ancient Latin name for a tree described by Pliny around 77 A.D. Pinsapo, abeto español [Spanish], Spanish silver spruce, Spanish fir (van Gelderen et al.

Abies pinsapo. Description d'Abies pinsapo aurea. Other common names glaucous Spanish fir Spanish fir 'Glauca' .

The upright seed cones, up to 7 in. Pronunciation: A-bez pin-SAH-po. They are arranged radially around the stout and very stiff branchlets. Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' Golden Spanish Fir « Previous Plant | Next Plant » « PREV Image 1 of 2 NEXT » Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' - Golden Spanish Fir.

Sud de l'Espagne en altitude. marocana (Moroccan Fir) - has flatter, wider needles, and larger cones than typical Abies pinsapo. $55.00.
Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' Common name: Golden Spanish Fir. All Plants :: All Discontinued :: All Abies.

Full sun produces the best color, but plants benefit from some protection if grown in scorching conditions. Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' Golden Spanish Fir « Previous Plant | Next Plant » « PREV Image 1 of 2 NEXT » Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' - Golden Spanish Fir. Prefers moist but well-drained slightly acidic soil but will tolerate alkaline and drier soils. Golden Spanish Fir Attractive, yellow needles that are rigid and tapered radiate from the branches. Family: Pinaceae. Ve velmi tuhých zimách může namrznout, je třeba ji tedy zasadit na chráněné stanoviště a ochránit ji před zimním sluncem. Usually branched to the ground, it sports beautiful short, sharp-pointed, blue-green needles with broad bands of whitish wax on both sides. $65.00. Pot Size.

Its grey/ green leaves consist of stiff, blunt needles, arranged radially around the shoot and are up to 0.8 inch (2 cm) long. Pochází z hor jižního Španělska. In colder areas the color turns green in winter, where in milder areas the golden color persists year-round. V 10ti letech dosahuje přibližné výšky 1,2 m a šířky 0,6 m. Plně mrazuvzdorná do -25 °C. tazaotana, both endemic to Africa. The foliage is a bluish colour with a yellow overlay. Místo pro výsadbu volíme slunné až mírně … Abies pinsapo ‘Glauca’ is a broadly conical, slow growing, medium sized evergreen coniferous tree. Ce sapin d'Espagne présente un superbe feuillage aux jeunes aiguilles courtes et dorées et aux beaux cônes dressés cylindriques brun verdâtre. They appear to radiate around the stems and provide great texture. Cultivation. sortenechte, handveredelte Pflanze im Topf, ordentliche Veredlung durchgehendem Trieb .

Architectural, Hedging/Screens, Low Maintenance, Wind-breaker. ‘Aurea’ - golden-yellow needles ‘Glauca’ - bluish-green needles ‘Clarke’ - dwarf 'Horstmann'- broad dwarf, silvery blue-green needles ‘Pendula’ - nodding branches; A. p. subsp. Golden Spanish Fir - Abies pinsapo 'Aurea' LIMITED TIME SALE PRICE!!